Today the American accessories manufacturer, Anker announced a pretty cool device that might just annoy Amazon a little.

For some time now Anker has been making products that other people have made but with a cheaper price but still a great design and great features. Today they may have unveiled the best product that they have ever designed, the Eufy Genie.

This device features full Amazon Alexa integration and is as small as the Amazon Echo Dot, however, it is 40% less than the price of that Echo Dot at $35 in the US, which around £26 here in the UK.

And despite that price, it still features a similar round design to the Echo Dot, works in exactly the same way, including the ability to control your smart home, listen to your commands, and playback music.

And it even sounds better than the Echo Dot according to Anker.

And that sounds like a pretty great deal to me.

Sadly, it’s not available yet, however, Anker did say that it will be available on their website from August 16th.

Of course, we will update you then to remind you, we have a feeling that these might sell quick.

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