The modern day car racing toy called Anki Drive was first unveiled for the iPhone and iPad, and now it has been confirmed to make its way to Android.

The game is due to be released on the platform in October and will come with a number of new features to the iOS app too, a new car to mix and a reduction in the price of the system.

In terms of the whole kit, users can grab it to control cars around a pre-determined track that can be rolled out into any space and connected to a smartphone or tablet.

There’s also a number of other new features, including the ability to team up with friends to take on other groups of players or machines with a new gamemode called Team Mode. Alongside that there’s also a new Balance Cars mode which will allow less experienced players to play on a similar level to everyone else.

Anki Drive car

Anki Drive will also be adding a new car call the Spektix, which will have a number of its own special abilities, including the ability to use a Scrambler, that can disable an opponent’s steering, and comes alongside the Chaos Pulse that can cause the targets weapons to fire uncontrollably.

Like all of the other cars, the Spektrix will retail for £49.99.

To top all that off, the Anki Drive starter kit will also be reduced to £150 (down from £100), for that you get a track, two cars and the charging stations to go with it.

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