Late last year Anki unveiled Cozmo, their robot companion device that was launched in the US only shortly after that announcement in October.

Today that has changed as Anki has announced that Cozmo will finally be available in the UK soon with a launch date set for September 15th, 2017.

Boris Sofman, the CEO and co-founder of Anki explained more with the following:

“Bringing together technology, artificial intelligence, game design, and cinematic wonder Cozmo rewrites the rule book for consumer robotics.”

“The level of depth, personality, and interactivity is the cornerstone to why Cozmo has stolen the hearts of fans, and we’re excited for Cozmo to show the UK just what he can do.”

In case you don’t already know, Cozmo is basically an interactive robotic toy that uses artificial intelligence amongst other tech with the aim of entertaining you.

This artificial intelligence allows him to use facial recognition to scan the surrounding environment and then show a set of emotions depending on who is in front of him, he can also play a range of games and complete a few tasks like moving blocks around.

And the user can unlock more of these abilities and upgrade Cozmo over time via the iOS, Android or Kindle Fire companion applications, which allows you to control Cozmo remotely.

You can pre-order Cozmo today from Anki’s website, where he is available for £199.99. Cozmo will then ship to anyone who ordered with a base charger and three of the interactive Power Cubes that Cozmo uses for the various activities he can do in September.

And to celebrate the launch, Anki is also releasing a Cozmo Collector’s Edition variant (pictured below), which is a black version of the robot and will be available for pre-order now exclusively from Anki themselves and Argos in the UK for the same price as the normal version, £199.

You can find out more about Cozmo at the source link below.

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