You have probably heard of Anki Overtime before, it is a toy racing car system that uses a smartphone to become the smartest toy racing car game available, using a companion app to control what the car’s do and to set up your own races.

Today, Anki unveiled a new special edition set of the Overdrive that is based on a partnership with the Fast & Furious movie franchise, featuring the same tech as the normal Anki Overdrive system, but instead, the cars have been based on the vehicles that were driven in the films, including Dom’s Ice Charger and Hobbs’ MXT.

The special edition will also use a special controller application that will be downloadable on iOS and Android that also has an F&F theme, along with the other characters from the films, including Letty and Tej, who will be the AI opponents or sidekicks.

It will also come with a Fast & Furious track piece installed, however, all of the normal Anki Overdrive track pieces will be compatible with this new F&F themed set.

The existing Anki Overdrive cars will also be compatible.

Anki’s executive vice president of worldwide consumer products, Manuel Torres Port said the following about it:

“Our collaboration for Fast & Furious will bring an all-new level of interactivity to the franchise, we’re incredibly excited to introduce Fast & Furious fans to gameplay that delivers what they love and connect with most from the films – the characters, cars, and action.”

This new Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition will be available to pick up from September of this year for from £169.99/$169.99 directly from Anki’s store.

Find out more about it and pick it up at the source link below.

Source: Anki

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