Anki, the guys who made the app-controlled driving games, Anki Drive and Anki Overdrive, unveiled a brand new product this week.

Called Cozmo, it is a small yet very clever robot that uses the companies knowledge of AI, but instead of using it to race against other robots, Anki plans to use it for something a little more special.

Anki says, that despite its size, it has more processing power than all of the Mars Rovers combined, with an “emotion engine” that allows it to evolve and learn about you other time. It comes with a design that uses tracks to move around, with a body that was crafted by the lead designer of the Batmobile.

It is also capable of responding to you in ways that it thinks is appropriate, with complex facial expressions and the ability to recognise friends and family.

To begin with, Cozmo will be available exclusively in the US for $180 from October, but it is available to pre-order now from Anki’s website.

Update: It’s also available from a number of UK retailers now.

You can check it out via the video below.

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