Not to sure if this video was made by Anonymous themselves as I cannot seem to find it anywhere else, but it does point out some pretty eye-opening policies that I for one did not know I signed for, I have been thinking about leaving Facebook for a while now and this is one reason I should, check out the video above to find out more, and if you cannot here it very well we have typed it out for you below:

Hello World. Hello Facebook.
We are Anonymous.
You may think that you will be unable to login at Facebook after November 5th. But our target is not to hack facebook or shoot its servers.
Our target is to open the users eyes.
Over 600 Million people are registered at facebook. The user data of over 600 Million people is visible to everyone in the world wide web.
There is absolutely no Anonymity.
Most of you didnt even read the Privacy Policy of Facebook. So we gonna show you some aspects from the privacy policy of Facebook you have signed with your name.
Facebook allows advertisers to choose the characteristics of users and may use any of the non-personally identifiable attributes they have collected
(including information you may have decided not to show to other users, such as your birth year or other sensitive personal information or preferences)
to select the appropriate audience for those advertisements.
That means that facebook is looking up every detail on your profile for an effective spam of advertisement.
You also agree with facebook to allow every advertiser to place a cookie in your browser.
On Point 2 is written, that facebook logs nearly every action you do there.
They log it when you add a friend, join a group, create a photo album, send a gift, poke another user,
like a post, attend an event or connect to an application.
Whatever you do will be logged in the database of facebook.
You also allow facebook to collect information about your browser type, your location, your IP adress, and every page you visit.
You should better have a look at the privacy policy at facebook to know what else you allow facebook to do with your data.
You will find it at
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive Facebook
We do not forget Facebook
Expect us!

What do you think? Did you already know about this? Do you think this is all Anonymous would do?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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