This week Antec and Razer unveiled a new partnership between them to create a new mini-ITX gaming chassis.

Called the Antec Cube, it was designed by Razer (as you can probably tell from the images of it) and was built by Antec themselves.

It features one 3.5-inch HDD drive bay, up to four 2.5-inch SSD bays, a total of three expansion slots, and enough space to fit in a graphics card up to 350mm in length. Down the bottom of the chassis, you will find the basement, which will situate the PSU as well as enough space for easy cable management.

Antec Cube Razer

The whole chassis has been constructed with a hybrid structure that’s made up of 3mm aluminium and 0.8mm cold-rolled steel, featuring Razer’s logo front and centre, along with green LED underglow strips along the bottom of the sides. There’s also a green LED rear exhaust fan, power button, and USB 3.0 ports on the exterior.

Antec has scheduled production of the Antec Cube for the beginning of October, after which they expect to announce an arrival date and pricing details in Q4.

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