Anyone who has a Xbox Live Gold subscription on the Xbox One can play the Smite beta on their console free of charge.

This is about two months after the Smite closed beta began for the Xbox One, with codes being quite lacking at first, so some people might not have been able to play the game at that time, so this new beta may be your first chance to play the game on console.

Anything that players do within the beta will also be permanent, with gods, cosmetic skins and other items transferring over to the game when it officially launches later this summer.

All progress and achievements earned in the game will be transferred as well.

Anyone who has played the PC version of SMITE will also be able to link their SMITE account to Xbox LIVE to receive a free Zeus Xbox skin for both accounts. Once linked there will also be a one-time merge that copies all of your gods, progress and items from the PC to the console version, however after that the two accounts will be separate from one another.

Check out the video above for a quick look.

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