It seems as though AOL may be having a rough time, today announcing that they will be shutting down both The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) and their gaming blog, Joystiq.

That’s two pieces of extremely bad news for journalism, gaming and technology as a whole, with two highly respected sites lost, it’s definitely going to feel like a massive whole has been cut into the web on their closing dates.

As of yet we don’t know when Joystiq will be shutting down, however it has been confirmed that TUAW will be closing on February 2nd, after both have been around for such a long time.

Both Joystiq and TUAW were founded in 2004 and acquired by AOL in 2005 when it purchased Weblogs, which included the purchase of the two sites alongside Autoblog and Engadget.

We don’t know why AOL are shutting down the sites exactly, but we can presume that it is due to some restructuring on AOL’s side, with AOL’s CEO Time Armstrong stating that the company would “simplify everything that can be simplified.” in the coming months in an attempt to increase growth and value of its sites.

According to TechCrunch AOL will also be laying off around 150 people with the restricting, and shortly after both TUAW and Joystiq  will be folded into EnGadget, however Joystiq will stay on as a separate channel. However as of yet that’s all rumours, we’ll have to hear the official stuff from AOL for confirmation.

But to end this article off we would like to say thanks to both sites for being such an inspiration over the years, and that we hope their is someway they can be continued in the same way they are today, be that under their own domain or with another.

Via: TechCrunch

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