The African lion is one of my absolute favorite creatures and is one that more recently needs you help as their numbers have vastly decreased from 100,000 two decades ago to a tiny 23,000 today, with Tanzania hosting the majority of that population the range these wonderful animals can roam has been reduced by a massive 80%, and that is why we need to do something as soon as possible to help.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to donate money to a charity with aims to stop them from becoming extinct, and now thanks to The Pavement Studios you can now do that through a simple purchase of their new African Lion and Environmental Trust app for the iPhone and iPad.

The app costs only £1.49 ($1.99) which will all go directly to the ALERT Charity (UK Charity Commission Number: 1120572), who are dedicated to promotion of sound conservation and management plans for the African Lion.?? and by uniting community and policy makers with conservation managers, researchers and business leaders they aim to make the best decisions for Africa’s people, its environment and its wildlife.

And one of the ways they are trying to raise more money is through this app, once you have downloaded the app you are greeted with a wonderful video menu showing of various pictures of lions with some african music in the background,you can then use the menu to go to various other really well made videos describing the loin and it’s plight.

(ALERT DVD & Branding from The Pavement on Vimeo.)

The first video you will be able to watch is the Pride video, which is a 3 minute music video featuring a really nice video of the Loins in their natural habitat with various ALERT workers with them.

The second video to watch is an ALERT video describing the Lion’s plight and what they are doing to help stop it.

After you have watched them there is an Interview with the founder and lead Loin conversationalist.

To lighten the mode after the interview you can then watch another music video named Meet The Loins which lasts 3 minutes and features the Loin cast of the videos.

There’s yet another video right after that which shows a 9 minute video bringing an insight into becoming a volunteer at their African site.

And finally there’s a ton of extras you can view which including:

– Anatomy of a Lion
– Lion facts
– Lion behavior
– Status and distribution

One of the best features of the app is that there are also subtitles allowing people who are do not speak English or cannot here to still enjoy it’s great videos with support for English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese.

overall i thought this is a great app and one that you should defiantly download to keep the African Loin from becoming extinct, and if not that for the wonderfully made videos featuring some absolutely beautiful Loins, within the app I’m going to be honest I did find a few bugs the first being that after a video sometimes it won’t go back to the main menu, but that is something likely to be fixed in a later release, also on the iPhone the menu buttons can be hard to press as there quite small and I have big hands,but again something that could be fixed in a later release.

Apart from that I found a lot of the videos really enjoyable to watch and you could tell that there had been a lot of time put into creating it, check out some of the screenshots from the app below, and download you own version from the app store to do your part, also check out ALERT’s site here.


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