This Day In are an awesome developer who develop music based trivia applications much like the one we are reviewing today named This Day In Led Zeppelin.

This Day In Led Zeppelin or TDILZ for short is a great app which contains a huge database on everything their is to know about Led Zeppelin including all of there past gigs, set lists, recordings, TV performances and gigs.

With all that information you can simply use the app as a sort of dictionary of Led Zeppelin looking up various facts on the band, you can also see what Zeppelin did on the day your using the app and test yourself with a quiz.

My favorite part about this app is the use of great looking graphics and great sounding recordings of the band throughout allowing you to really engage yourself with the band, alongside that the app also comes with some great bonus features that are always good and include:

Free rock ringtone – unavailable elsewhere and unique to this App. (Not performed by Led Zeppelin).
A Zeppelin career overview from former Melody Maker editor Chris Charlesworth, who, during the 70’s, spent time with Zeppelin on tour in the US and flew with the band on their private jet ‘The Starship’.
Links to the official Zeppelin stores for all their music, merchandising and sheet music, plus and the band members’ own websites.
Free unique Zeppelin art wallpaper.
Includes many photographs of Zeppelin live and recording venues specially shot for this App.

To be honest if you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin there’s no other app out there that does it as good as this one, there are some points I would have liked to see in the app, the biggest would be some video content such as live gigs, recording videos for their songs etc, but I suppose that would require a lot of lawyers so it’s probably a bit far-fetched.

Check out the screenshots and video below, and if you like the look of the app you can download it from the iTunes App Store for £1.99 via this link.


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