We would all prefer to use our iPhone’s in its ‘naked’ form, but the bad truth is to keep that phone looking great you have to dress it with a case, so why not get one that’s that little bit different from what everyone else out there has, and that’s just what you will get with the newest app to hit the App Store called CaseApp.

Developed by Dropico Mobile, the app will give you the opportunity to design your own customized case in a matter of minutes, which starts off with you choosing a photo cropping it and then ordering.

After which if your photo needs a bit more, you can choose one of 20 pre-designed themes to add to it.

One thing that I would add however is it can be incredibly hard to find the right photo for your case, as the one you choose has to be larger than the default iPhone photo size so taking a photo and sticking it to your case is not without some editing, alongside that to use the image it has to always be in the crop field or the app won’t accept it, which we found terribly annoying when we starting making our first one.

Once you have finally picked your chosen design you can then zoom and move the case around to your hearts content, and even preview it in a 2D and 3D format.

When the case arrives at your front door, you will receive your perfect case wrapped up in a thickly coated plastic.

But that’s not all you what to know, the biggest factor being, of course, the price which will end up costing you about 21 Euros or $30 across the pond, once you have paid you will receive your new case in about 3 to 5 days.

Check out the screenies we took alongside a video made by Dropico Mobile for more info. Oh and don’t forget to download the app for yourself here.

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