Is Apples Reminders app not good enough for you? Well, maybe it’s time to branch out and download a whole new one.

One option for that new download could be a new app called Remember The Milk, which is free to download from your local application store.

RTM allows you to take your to-do list with you wherever you go, reducing the sticky note clutter across your desk at work. Which actually brings me onto one of the best things about the application which is the ability to set specific lists for your tasks allowing you to not only keep reminder of things you have to do but it also keeps you extremely organised.

Alongside all of that the reminders you set will literally follow you everywhere you go, with the ability to sync the app with tons of apps including Outlook, iCal, Gmail, Google Calender, Twitter and even it you can’t get access to any of those you can even log into the Remember The Milk website which will show you everything you wrote down in the app.

But of course none of this is any good if it actually doesn’t remind you right? Well RTM even does that allowing you to set reminders on the site to send a message to your Email, AIM, GaduGadu, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype, Yahoo accounts, and of course your mobile.

One thing that we must not however is not everything is free with this app, as you can upgrade to a pro account to gain extra features including unlimited syncing with the RTM online server, syncing taks on multiple devices as well as Push Notification reminders and badge updates.

But of course that gonna cost you, but that will depend on how long you want a subscription for which is £17.49 for a year or £1.99 for just a month.

Overall we thought this app was great, but where not entirely sure if it’s really worth paying for but the basic app is free so defiantly worth a download.

Check out the screenshots below for a closer look and don’t forget to download the app for yourself from Google Play and the App Store.

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