Smartphone gamers have recently got a lot more into word games such as Words With Friends and Draw Something if your one of those people then you probably want to download a new game called Rumble.

Rumble is a brand new word game which allows you to connect with friends mainly from Facebook, or a random friend from somewhere within the internet. Once you have someone to play with you can then go into a game where you will try to find as many words as possible within a board of random letters.

The matches are played in three rounds, where the total scores will be tallied and the person with the highest score will win. The scores are counted based on the length of the word you pick as well as bonus points for particular letters within the board.

I didn’t find the game all that honky dory, the idea is great and I can see why the game could get addictive but when I first loaded up the game it took a very long time to find a random player, which I found made the game kinda pointless as the entire game needs someone to play it with.

Alongside that I found the dozens of advertisements even more annoying alongside the fact that more or less every feature apart from playing the game cannot be done unless you pay the £1.99 fee for pro, which I found a way to much when you compare that to other word games and what it gives you in return.

But the worst part about all of that is that MAG Interactive don’t even tell you about it till you try and use one of the premium features.

My overall opinion, don;t give up o Draw Something just yet. But if you want to work out your own opinion download the app from the App Store and check out the screenshots below.

[oqeygallery id=21]

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