After the news broke yesterday that Apple would be increasing prices in various countries due to changes in Europe, it has today been confirmed that Apple will be increasing the prices of apps placed with the App Store in Europe and other regions.

In the UK these changes equate to about a 10p increase, with the cheapest apps being increased from £0.69 up to £0.79 after the change.

In a number of other European countries the prices have gone up too, with the cheapest apps in Germany and Greece rising from €0.89 to €0.99, Czech prices have also been increased from €0.89 to €1.14.

The new increase is due to a number of currency fluctuations within some select regions, as well as because of the recent change to VAT in Europe.

Apple also added a new policy within Europe recently that allows users to grab a refund for an app within 14 days of its purchase in order to compl with a different set of new rules within Europe, you can read more on that here.

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