The AppBlaster is one of these bits of tech that you might not think you need until you have it, and allows you bring augmented reality gaming to the iPhone, iPod Touch and now Android smartphones.

To use the appBlaster, you simply place your phone into the adjustable holder on the gun and launch one of the many games that works with this accessory, which leads me onto one of the poor points about this accessory, there’s only one free game to play, which after buying the Blaster could be a bit of a game changer for some people.

The game that is included however is pretty awesome, Alien Attack which sees you maneuvering around your surroundings to defend yourself from the oncoming alien swarm, you weapon of choise starts of with an alien like blaster and rocket, but as you progress you can pick up more by shooting the bubbles around them, which goes the same for extra ammo and health.

In order to shoot you simply press down on one of the two triggers (one for each gun), and your away, the reload is really cool, which forces you to tilt your gun 90 degrees, which I thought made the experience a lot more engaging.

The gun and holder have been made from plastic, which I thought was made really well, and think it might just stand the test of time with any kid, but the best part is its design which I found to pretty precise when it came to the size of an actual gun, and it’s not to heavy to, which is always good when your trying to aim something.

I only really found one problem (apart from the app selection), and that was that once your device is clamped in there’s no way of changing the volume on the game, which wasn’t a huge problem, but was something I noticed.

If you want to pick up the appBlaster Version 2.0 for yourself, you can do from RED5’s site.

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Thanks to RED5 and TalkPR for providing us with the review.

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