The Apple 1 computer is the first ever computer that the two Steve’s ever made which also made it extremely rare and is probably the reason for it selling at Sotheby’s Auction House setting a new record sale of $274,500 ($240,929), which more than doubled the high estimate for the item, alongside the Apple 1 there was also a memo written by Steve Jobs when he worked at Atari, which sold for a massive $27,500, originally estimated at $15,000.

What makes this so newsworthy is how rare the computer is with only 200 ever created, and only 50 of those believed to still be in existence and only some of them actually working, the auctioned computer is extremely rare, which was probably the reason it sold for so much, according to Sotheby there where two main bidders during the auction who battled it out until a phone bidder actually beat them clinching the sale, but who won that sale we don’t know as they have preferred to be kept anonymous.

Alongside the Apple 1 in a separate lot was also a memo with ways to improve Atari’s World Football game, which as we mentioned above sold for $27,500, written in 1974 the memo contained four pages detailed Steve’s thoughts on the arcade football game, and included various circuit drawings and diagrams from his 19-year-old self, in total there was about three bidders for the item according to Sotheby.

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Via [Sotheby’s- Steve Jobs Memo and Sotheby’s- Apple I Computer]

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