Apple has today posted its financial report for Q1 2016, noting the largest ever recorded profit for any single public corporation, posting a total of $18.4 billion in profit for the first quarter of the year, with $75.9 billion in revenue.

Apple also predicted the revenue for the second quarter of 2016, stating that it will be between $50 and $53 billion, which would mark the first year-over-year revenue decline for Apple in the last fifteen years.

The biggest reason for this revenue was due to Apple’s growth in China, with huge sales of iPhones for Q1 of 84.78 million.

iPad sales did decline 21 percent from last year, with 16.1 million sold in 2016, and Mac sales were also down three percent from last year, at 5.31 million.

Their services and other products grew 26 percent year over year to $6.05 billion, with a 63 percent year-over-year increase in revenue, at $4.3 billion for the quarter.

Apple also noted that it has over 1 billion active devices the last 90 days, revealing that it had record sales for both the Apple TV and the Apple Watch, but without mentioning any detailed numbers as usual.

You can read more at the source link below.

Source: Apple

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