A recent report that was posted by the Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple might have dipped into its ever-growing piggy bank, making another acquisition, this time into an Israeli camera technology called LinX.

According to the report Apple paid around $20 million for LinX Computational Imaging Ltd, who make a miniature camera that is designed for use with smartphones and tablets.

They also use models that work with an array of sensors, allowing users to capture multiple images at the same time, allowing for the production of higher quality pictures in low light, and faster exposure in standard conditions.

As of yet Apple has not revealed what they plan to do with the company, however we expect that the they might decide to use the company’s technology within the iPhone and iPad, however that might be a long way off.

That said Apple is expected to release new versions of the iPhone and iPad later this year, so it could be a possibility.

Source WSJ

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