Some people have the idea that Apple might launch the iPhone 8 and 8Plus with facial recognition, similar to what Samsung includes in their phones, it would offer users with another security method.

However, up to now, these rumours haven’t had much basis.

We say up to now as it has today been revealed that Apple has acquired a facial recognition startup from Israel called RealFace.

RealFace was started in 2014 and develops their own software to allow companies to use facial recognition in order to log into accounts with secure biometrics, an alternative to fingerprints or the password.

It’s entirely possible that Apple may have acquired the company in order to build this technology into their own products, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, however, since the announcement of the acquisition is so close to a rumoured release of the iPhone 8, we probably won’t see RealFace’s technology anytime soon.

That said, Apple is known for their secrets.

We don’t yet know how much Apple paid to acquire RealFace, or the exact reasons for the acquisition, however, we will be sure to update you should anything new surface.

Sources: Times of Israel, Techmeme

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