Apple has this week made yet another acquisition into its mapping technology, this is of the purchase of the GPS navigation company Coherent Navigation.

Coherent Navigation is a company that focuses on High Integrity GPS or iGPS, this is said to be so accurate that it can provide a location with a few centimetres.

According to MacRumours, this acquisition started back in January when the company from Coherent Navigation joined Apple, the site also claims that the CEO Coherent Navigation.


We expect that Apple will be using this acquisition to improve upon their Apple Maps software on the iPhone and iPad, which has not seen much praise since it was switched on in favour of Google Maps.

According to other rumours, Apple might also be looking into acquiring HERE from Nokia, which could improve their mapping application even more if the rumours turn out to be true.

It will be interesting to see how these rumours might come into play, and how the Apple Maps application might improve.

We expect to hear more at Apple’s WWDC event soon.

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