It has today been revealed that Apple has made a new acquisition, this time in a company called LuxeVue, who were a startup that focused on the production of ultra low powered displays which they named the micro LED displays.

The acquisition is not exactly something that surprises us, this is because it seems as they Apple could have many products which it could use this technology, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and even possibly the iWatch.

The reason that it could be possible they might use this technology in a wide range of their technologies is because of its eco factor, allowing for improved brightness, whilst reducing the overall power requirements.

That said, we wouldn’t expect to see anything from the acquisition anytime soon, despite the companies upcoming WWDC event, they are only likely to announce new versions of their Mac OS X platform and iOS.

Apple has yet to actually confirm the acquisition, but did give TechCrunch the usually statement that they give after acquisitions, so they pretty much did without actually confirming it.

Source TechCrunch

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