One of Apple’s biggest markets is most defiantly China, with a population of over 1.3 billion Apple has to make sure they are providing good enough services to the Chinese don’t go elsewhere, which according to a recent report they are doing through a deal with the Chinese search engine, Baidu.

The search engine already accounts for about 80% of the overall search queries, making it an obvious choice to make a default search engine, but that of course would mean that Apple would be leaving Google’s search engine out, and could be one of the first steps to Apple moving away from the search engine.

As WWDC is just a few days away now we shouldn’t have to wait to long to see if it’s true, but in the meantime make sure you sign up for an event notification on our WWDC 2012 Liveblog page, so you caqn see all the action as and when it happens.

[via: Bloomberg]

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