Apple rolled out the first beta for iOS 9.3 today, bringing a feature that we have all been waiting for, multi-user support.

At the moment the feature is only in beta, so we don’t yet know how it will work across devices, but thanks to Apple’s Education page we do know how Apple thinks it will work, discussing the benefits of using the feature for Education purposes.

One of the main uses of the feature would be to allow multiple students to share a single iPad, using various logins for the different accounts, with this teachers and other school administrators would be able to assign their own education IDs, which are independent of an Apple ID, and allow admins to manage connected iOS devices easily.

For example they could lock down apps, or manage user accounts from the Apple School Manager application. And with the new Classroom app, teachers will be able to “guide students through a lesson, see their progress, and keep them on track.”

Admins will also be able to manage a specific iPad with Screen View and see what a student is doing to their iPad, and even launch or lock apps from a remote control application.

At the moment its just in beta, so we don’t know when the feature will be available for everyone, and we don’t know if it will work outside of education, but we hope it does.

Night Shift iOS

MacRumours also posted an article about the new Night Shift mode that is now available on the beta, which allows an iOS device’s screen to automatically change towards warmer colours in the spectrum and reduce blue light when the sun goes down, and whilst it is up the display can automatically turn to its normal temperature colour.

Night Shift is also currently available to developers who have downloaded the iOS 9.3 beta, which also comes with support for iPhones to connect to more than one Apple Watch and improvements to Apple News, Notes, Health, and CarPlay.

Via: MacRumours

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