It has been over 13 years since Coca Cola took the rains as the “Best Global Brand”, but now that rain is over and there’s a new leader in town, one that you likely already suspect (if you haven’t read the title that is). Yup, if you’re thinking Appple than you are absolutely correct, as the company has today took the number one spot on Interbrands’ annual valuation report, which states that the company from Cupertino now has a brand valuation of $98.3 billion.

This is a pretty huge climb, when you consider that the company was only eighth on the list in 2011 (rising to second in 2012), and I’m sure it’s something that Cook will soon be boosting about at Apple’s next Keynote.

Just to note, second place in the list went to Google.

VIA: The New York Times

SOURCE: Interbrand

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