Apple has just announced the release of the new iOS 7, a new mobile OS system designed by Jony Ive, the OS will include an entirely new design to what we have known for some time, with widgets and a new flat UI design, a new refined typography with new icons that look great.

With new translucency as well live animation will be shown for things like the weather, images can also be shown in parallax, moving images as you move the phone.

There’s also a new app drawer that shows apps with live previews.

ios 7 10 features

There was 10 new features announced at the conference, the first is control center which can be used to access settings, the brightness music playback etc, shown by swiping up from the bottom of the device.

iOS 7 will now have multitasking in the background for all apps, an app that you use throughout the day will be given background syncing cycles, to update in the background, with opportunistic updates, to update apps in the background when unlocked, push notifications can also be used as a trigger for this.

ios 7 ipad

Running apps can also be accessed with a full live preview app switcher.

Safari has also been updated, with a new full screen look, tap at the top to show a smart search field with one tap access to favorites, a new interface for tabs, as well as integration with the iCloud keychain.

You can also view bookmarks, shared links and the reading list from the bottom of the safari bar, with an unlimited tab view, showing iCloud tabs alongside current ones.

ios 7 homepage

AirDrop will also be included with iOS 7, allowing you to share data with friends that are around you, allowing for multiple shares.

The camera has also been updated, allowing you to scroll between camera modes, there’s also live  filters. Apple also updated the photos app to organize photos to ‘moments’, sorting them by the location they were taken.

Images can also be shown in a year view, allowing you to scrub between photos from the year. Once selected a photo can also be shared via iCloud sharing, with shared iCloud accounts or personal ones.

Videos are now also supported for sharing via iCloud.

ios 7 siri

There’s also a new Siri, with new features allowing you to complete tasks like changing the brightness, as well as new voices for the male and female Siri.

There’s also support for something new call ‘iOS in the car’, which will display a version of iOS on the cars screen to show messages, maps and even control Siri without looking at the screen, the following manufactures featured in the image below will be working on this.

ios in the car

The App Store can also be found by their age range, or people’s favorite apps based on your location. More importantly the App Store will now update your apps automatically.


The Music app in iOS 7 has also been updated, with new cover photos, and an entirely new design. from here you can also find all of your iCloud content, turn it sideways you will see it sideways.

Apple have also introduced iTunes Radio a new feature for discovering music, that will be built right into the music app itself.

This will show featured stations alongside your own created stations, just tap on a station to begin playing them.

itunes radio

New stations can be added based on artist or by genre, and can be modified by song, and once playing a song you can select to not play a song anymore or favorite the track, from the app you can also preview and buy songs to listen to later.

iTunes Radio will also be built into Apple TV, or iTunes, Free with ads, or ad-free if you’re an  iTunes Match subscriber, launching in the US to begin with, then rolling out further at a later point.

ios 7 features

iOS 7 will be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with 1,500 new APIs and is available to developers in beta for the iPhone today.

Beta for the iPad will come in the coming weeks, and will launch for the public later this year

ios 7 availablity

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