Apple has today announced the next iteration of iOS, announcing their latest mobile OS, iOS 9, adding new features to their mobile devices.

Kicking things off with Siri, Apple has added a new UI, along with a number of new features allowing users to quickly take reminders and even take reminders in context, allowing users to say things like “Remind me about this” and Siri will set a Reminder with a link.


When plugging your phone into your car, or headphones it will now suggest a recently played playlist or audiobook, which has been added alongside some more automation features, allowing iPhone to suggest multiple things to the user, such as when you should leave an event that you have added to the calculator.

There’s also more search functions that allows users to search a ton of new things, including information from applications thanks to Apple’s new Search APIs.

These results will also be deep-linked, meaning that once clicked they will take you directly into the application, using the applications own design and features.

All of this is anonymous, not associated with an Apple ID, used with a randomised identifier, not linked with Apple services, shared with third parties, and all of this is kept on a device and you are in control.


Apple has also updated applications in iOS 9, stating with Notes which has a new redesign, with a new toolbar at the bottom that allow users to quickly add checklists and photos in notes, and even drawings with various pen tools.

On top of this there is a new transit view in Maps that includes directions for public transportation like buses, trains, subways and ferries, right from maps.

All of this provides surveyed data of the entrances and exits of the station.

This will launch in Baltimore, New York, Berlin, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Mexico City, Washington DC and over 300 cities in China.


And if that wasn’t enough for you, there is also a new News application that allows you to access your personalised news stories right from one app.

All of these stories are then shown in one place from sources that you have chosen, with articles coming from anywhere and some that have been built by the creator themselves with Apple’s system that includes animations, fonts and more design features like editorial layouts, photo galleries, animations and videos.

The more you read stories that are included in the application the better the application will get at figuring out what you want to read, and users can even discover new genres of content with over a million topics to choose from.

News will roll out starting in the U.S, UK and Australia, and it will feature content from The New York Times, ESPN, Condé Nast and more, even individual publishers, not just the giants according to Apple.0865d57c9b1311cbbafdbf4c3f3f9e15f09a8307_expanded_medium_2x

Apple has also added some new features just for iPad, with a new QuickType keyboard to make editing and typing faster and easier, with a new toolbar on the keyboard that allow for quick actions with apps.

Apple has also updated their features with external keyboards allowing for better switching and shortcuts.


The thing that we have all been waiting for however is new multitasking on the iPad, still with the app switching from the double tap, it has a fully redesigned app switcher.

Users can also slide over another app to the side without leaving the one you are in, these can also be seen in a split view mode, with multi-app, multi-touch features.


This split view can be adjusted with a bar, and it will even swap out apps as you open a new one, keeping the snapped app to the side the whole time.


And there’s still more, there’s also a picture-in-picture mode, allowing users to keep a video locked to a position on their screen all the time. This video box can be called to any size.


There’s also some new performance features in iOS 9, with some new battery features that allows users to add up to an extra hour according to Apple in iOS 9.

Apple has also upgraded security with two-factor authentication, with a smaller sized over-the-air update system that makes iOS 9 even easier to install, taking up even less free space than iOS 8 took to install.

Apple has also updated its developers tools with the addition of GameplayKit for the addition of Ai controls, Model I/O for more graphical abilities and ReplayKit to allow users to record gameplay and share it.

Healthkit also allows users to track how much water you drink, as well as how often you’re seated, with UV exposure and even track their reproductive health.

HomeKit has also been updated with supported for home security systems and mechanical blinds with iCloud Remote Access, which allows user to access things wirelessly.

CarePlay can also be connected wirelessly, and Apple has even made their programming language, Swift open source.

iOS 9 will be available as a developer beta from today, with a public beta available in July, and then to everyone for free this fall.

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