As expected, Apple has invited members of the press to attend their event in San-Francisco for the possible launch of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and whatever else they have come up with on September 12th.

The event will kick of at 10AM PT (6PM GMT), and will no doubt feature a lot of the products we have been waiting for, hopefully a new iPhone, and possibly some new features added to the iOS operating system to make it stand out a bit more, and of course the iPad Mini and revamped iPod Touch are expected.

Until September 12th however, we will just have to wait, but on the day we will have a live blog as usual, and possibly a live stream, we will let you know closer to the date.

Also we just noticed after looking closely at the image, there’s a shadow from the 12 that says 5, is this a hit to the iPhone 5’s launch?

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