Apple has today updated its work with the Apple Watch, with the launch of a new app platform that will allow for native apps on Apple Watch with watchOS.

This new version will allow for a number of new features for the watch, along with those all important native apps.

To kick things off Apple has updated the timepiece with new watch faces, including a photo face that can include any photo, or photo album face that can change photos as you lift your wrist, there’s also time-lapse face that will show a time lapse of a location at the time that is your current time.


There’s also another view that can show information from third-party apps on your watch face, with a link to the Digital Crown that Apple have called Time Travel.

This allows you to view upcoming events and temperatures either forward or back 72 hours by turning the Digital Crown.

And there’s also a new Nightstand mode which will automatically show a Night mode clock when the watch is on its side and charging.


What’s more, there is now multiple screens for friends so that users can add more people right from your watch, more colours for sketches, the ability to reply directly to email from your wrist, and implementation with other fitness apps.

Users will also be able to share their activity and workout achievements via Facebook, Twitter and Messages, and Apple Pay will now support the new features that were announced earlier.

Transit will also be included to Apple Watch.Siri will also show places for apps, such as for Instagram.


And Apple is not done, apps will now run app logic right from the Apple Watch instead of from the iPhone, and the watch will now allow for access to the microphone, speaker, accelerometer, Taptic Engine and Digital Crown via apps.

And users can now watch videos from their watch, and with integration with HomeKit they can control lights and other things around their home from Apple Watch applications.

The new watchOS will be available to developers from today, and will be available to everyone in the fall for free.

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