Apple has just announced the launch of the updated Mac Pro, which they call the “future of the desktop PC”. In a new cylinder design, it includes the new generation Xeon processor with up to 12 core configs, 256 floating point and PCI Express gen 3.

There’s also ECC 1866MHz DDR3 memory, with four-channel controller and 60GBps bandwidth, which is double the performance of before, the hard drive is 2.5 faster than before.

There’s also support for Thunderbolt 2, and a new dual workstation GPU, from AMD, for the first time in a Mac, it’s 2.5x faster than the previous Mac Pro..

It will also support multiple screens of 4K displays, with up to 3 displays available.

The Mac Pro is also incredibly small, at 1/8th the volume of the previous generation, and the entire top of the device is a handle.

the Mac Pro is assembled in the USA, designed in California launching later this year.


Mac Pro Updated 1

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