To kick off the show, Apple started with some announcements of a couple of new initiatives that they hope will allow it to become a more environmentally friendly company.

Two years ago, Apple announced that they aimed to become a 100 percent renewable company, today, they are updating us on their progress towards this goal.

To kick things off they revealed that they are already 93 percent renewable in its offices, retail stores and more around the world, but with 100 percent for its buildings in the US, as well as its offices and stores in China.

To do this, Apple has built a 40-megawatt solar farm in China, that still allows the local Yak to graze, with solar panels on the roofs of Singapore, and they even revealed data on their packaging, which is now 99% recycled or from sustainably managed forests.

Finally, they announced a new robot called Liam, which they use to deconstruct iPhones, and allow them to recycle the parts from it. They will be allowing users to send their iPhone’s in for recycling by taking it to an Apple Store, or by printing off a label from Apple’s website.

The second initiative was to Apple’s health activities, revealing how ReasearchKit has helped to improve health data, with one example being a study on Parkinson’s, which they say was the largest ever in just 24 hours.

They also launched something called CareKit, the app has been designed for Parkinson’s disease, and will be used by a number of institutions to help them individualise treatments and track the effectiveness of those treatments.

From this, users can share their health data with others, including, their doctor to allow them to update your care plan.

CareKit will be available in April and will be open source.

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