Apple have just announced the launch of their new version of OS X, called OS X Sea Lion Mavericks, with new features including, Finder Tabs, which allows you to merge windows from Finder into various tabs.

As well as Tags allow you to tag documents, after which your tags will appear in finder and finally Multiple displays allows you to move documents around other displays easily, and spaces can be panned separately, this will work with any extra displays that might be connected as well as with the Apple TV.

There’s also a new Notification Center that allows you to quick reply to a message or facetime call just by hovering over the notification. These notifications will also be synced with the iOS lockscreen.

Apple also announced a new version of Safari, with new hood improvements, combining the Reading List feature into the sidebar of Safari, as well as showing bookmarks and allowing you to share links.

There’s also new performance improvements, allowing the OS to prioritize performance per tab.



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