Apple has just announced OS X Yoesmite with a new interface, improved apps and continuity according to Apple.

The new OS comes with transparent title bars, a transparent sidebar in apps, new font for the menus that also have the transparent background, and to top it off, they have also introduced a dark mode for the menu bar that will turn it black.

Apps like Maps, FaceTime and Reminders have been upgraded with a new look that’s a little more colourful, but still features the transparent design.

The notification center now has a today view that shows the date, and notifications from apps like calculator, calendar etc. Notification Center can also be expanded with an extra section that shows notifications from your chosen apps, the widgets in the today view are also interactive, and can be added to from an app list, including all of your apps that support the widget view.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 18.15.41

Yoesmite also comes with a new Spotlight that shows right in the center of the screen, with a completely new design. Spotlight will now also show results from the internet. When searching apps, Spotflight will also show your recent documents under the app search results.

Spotlight will also show conversions, news from various sources, and other internet results.

Mail has also been updated with something called Mail Drop that will allow you to send attachments that have a high storage capacity over iCloud, meaning that if the recipient doesn’t have space it doesn’t matter, well as long as it’s not above 5GB.

And to top it off, Apple also announced iCloud Drive, find out more about that here.

There’s also something called Markup which allows users to draw right over an attached image or document from Mail, users can simply draw a sort of shape and markup will automatically change it to a better shape.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 18.33.20

Safari has been updated with a smaller bar, now showing spotlight suggestions and you favourite apps right from the URL bar. There’s also a button on the side to quickly share a page, or subscribe to its RSS feed.

There’s also a new tab view that shows tabs in a grid view, stacking tabs with multiple tabs. And users can now create a new private window for private viewing.

There’s no limit to the amount of tabs that can be open too, users simply scroll the tab bar to see extra ones.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 18.37.28

AirDrop will also work between iOS and the Mac from now on, allowing users to quickly send documents between eachother.

Handoff will also be included, allowing users to quickly take over from another device, be it your Mac or iPhone, say if you write a document on your Mac, your phone will see it and show an icon in the corner to take over on that device, simply swipe up from it and you can take over from it, and even do the same from your Mac.

Personal Hotspot will allow you to automatically create a hotspot from your phone, without any set-up, allowing users to quickly get connected without any set-up.

Messages will also show all of your messages, even if they are from a different device, showing when an app might have been used on your Mac or your phone, allowing you to take over from the other device right away.

Mac will also allow you to connect with calls, showing a notification whenever a call might be coming from your phone, and then even use it as a speakerphone.

And using this technology you can even call contacts from your contacts list on your Mac, or just call a number from a webpage, it’s a truly amazing feature that is sure to help sell this new OS.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 19.19.31

Photos have also been updated to look more like iOS, with moments scrolling, as well as the new editing features that have been included on iOS 8.

This will allow users to automatically add adjustments to edit the colour or lighting scales of the image.

This new photos will come to Yoesmite in the future, no exact date has been revealed yet.

Developers can download a preview of Yoesmite today, and for everyone else, you can get in the fall for free. In the summer they will also be releasing Yoesmite to their beta program users.

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