Apple has released the new version of the iBooks application and store available to download today from the App Store, with a new Continuous rolling reading option allowing users to simply flick the screen with their fingers, sending word continuously up and down the page.

There’s also some improvised integration with iCloud, allowing users view titles they have purchased on their bookshelf no matter what device they are using, customers can then view and download the title by tapping on its cover as usual, after which it will return to where they left off.

There’s also new sharing options introduced, which allows users to post passages from books they are reading via email, Facebook or Twitter, with new support for over 40 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Tim Cook himself said, “The pages move from left to right just as you’d expect… if you’re Japanese.”

The new iBooks Author update has also been released, making it easier for publishers to create new textbooks, with new templates, custom fonts, multi-touch textbooks and rendered mathematical expressions and formulas.

Publishers can also push textbook updates directly to their users without re-downloading the title.

Source: iBooks (iTunes App Store), iBooks Author (Mac App Store)

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