Recently it seems that Apple may have hired a new nutty professor with all the ideas that seem to be hitting the rumor mill, one of the most recent being the addition of airbags to the iPhone. But even more recently it has been found that Apple is now applying to patent a new ‘digital handshake’ feature for you Mac and iPhone.

This function will basically allow you to log on and share photos, videos, contacts, you calendar and messages just by waving your iPhone in front of you MacBook’s camera, this will also allow you to pair with other devices and share with you friends iPhone in exactly the same way.

In order to do this Apple will have to build some new cameras for both their iPhone’s and Macs which will allow them to take advantage of this feature, this could possibly involve printed some sort of bar code onto the camera, but as of yet we have no idea how Apple could actually do this, as well they may not even use this idea as after all Apple do like to collect patients, and would patent this idea just so a rival company such as Andriod couldn’t steal it from them.

If you have read anything about Andriod’s new Ice Cream Sandwich OS you will know that it now includes a new beam function which will allow you to share all of the same things as the proposed Apple idea, but instead of a camera it uses NFC, which reportedly might be coming to Apple devices in the near future, indicating that Apple may even use a similar technology to what Andriod is instead of using this idea.

What do you think? Would you use this kind of technology? What idea do you think is better?

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