Apple revealed their new iOS 5 software a few months ago, bringing a BBM-like service to their iOS devices, which they called iMessage and should be released sometime this September-October, but according to references in the OS X Lion iChat framework, Apple could be bringing the application into the Mac’s iChat application.

Just like any other messaging service Apple’s iMessage app will show delivery and read receipts, allowing you to see when your message has been received, when it was read and when the recipient is typing their reply. In the framework of Apple’s latest version of iChat, a developer spotted these new properties:

@interface IMMessage : NSObject


IMHandle *_sender;

IMHandle *_subject;

NSAttributedString *_text;

NSString *_plainBody;

NSDate *_time;

NSDate *_timeDelivered;

NSDate *_timeRead;

As iChat never previously had these features, this could mean that there will be iMessage integration in the new mac, but as always this is just a rumor and is not quite official just yet, meaning this could just be new delivery and read receipts for the iChat application.

I think this would be a great feature to add to the Mac making it an even better computer to buy, who doesn’t want to message someone for free whilst at work, allowing you to text friends secretly through meetings, defiantly a feature every computer needs.

What do you think? Will the Mac range get iMessage? Would you use it if they did and how?

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