Siri has been one of the biggest features included with the iPhone 4S, but so far it’s stayed like that with no support for other devices such as the iPod Touch or iPad, but according to 9to5mac’s sources the personal assistant will be soon coming to the third-generation iPad with the new iOS 6 update.

This would include all of the current features that come with the iPhone 4S such as Music playback, iMessaging, Calendar Updates, Reminders, Weather, Maps, E-mail, Notes, Contact Searching, Safari Integration and maybe even more, but of course will not include any of the phone related features.

With a larger display though sources believe that the iPad Siri would not take up the entire display, and will show up much like an iPhone app, but will still be activated via the same methods and show the same interface we have all grown to love.

So far all it is after all is a rumor, but we have heard less likely things in the past, for more information click on the source link.

Via [9to5mac]

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