As has been rumoured for some time, Apple has today revealed that they will be changing the name of Mac OS X to be more in line with their other systems, changing the name to macOS.

To kick this new name off, they also announced the launch of a brand new version of the operating system, called macOS Siera.

Probably the biggest feature of macOS Sierra is the addition of Siri inbuilt, which was rumoured quite come time ago. Continuity has also been updated in the Sierra update, allowing your Mac to not only do things like continue from where you left off on an app, but also unlock your Mac when your iPhone or Apple Watch is close to it, and send copy and paste information between iOS and Mac devices with Universal Clipboard.


iCloud Drive has also been updated, allowing users to access more files from any Mac, iPhone or iPad with one of those devices. They have also expanded the mac with a new featured called Optimised Storage, which will automatically move stuff from your Mac to the Cloud, and delete the stuff you don’t need automatically.

Apple has also brought Apple Pay to the Mac, well more so to the web, allowing websites to grant customers with the ability to pay for products with the Apple Pay service, users simply click “Pay with Apple Pay” on the site and a notification will pop up on their phone asking them to approve the transaction.

There’s also a new Tabs API, which will also developers to add tabs to apps.

The new version of macOS will be available to developers today, launching in public beta in July, and then to the public this fall.

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