Since the launch of the iPhone, Apple have provided their own program which allowed users to extend their warranty, thus receiving a free replacement handset if your iPhone was ever to break, today Apple revealed that they will be changing the way they do this with AppleCare+

Previously if you broke your iPhone you would be able to bring it to an Apple Store and get a replacement handset for free if you were on the AppleCare program, removing the usual $199 replacement fee, Apple have changed this so now you have to be on the AppleCare+ program in order to qualify for a reduced fee.

As well as this you will have to purchase the program at the same time as you purchase the phone, but don’t worry if you have already pre-ordered and didn’t get the chance to add AppleCare+ as Apple have reviled they will be giving customers the chance to but AppleCare+ when you pick up your phone.

Under the program, you will now be given a replacement phone for a reduced price of $50, but can only have 2 replacements for as long as you have the phone, as well as this you will have to pay the one of purchase for AppleCare+ which is $99.


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