Yesterday TechCrunch reported on something we haven’t noticed so far but it seems that Apple may already be using the Chomp technology they acquired earlier this year within their App Store search results.

The app search engine named Chomp was picked up by Apple back in February but so far they haven’t really done anything with it, leaving the app to carry on allowing users to search for what apps can do through buzz words in the apps description, which allows the app to show higher quality apps for you to download.

Until now that is as TechCruch recently noticed that upon searching the words “sf parking” they found that the Best Parking app weirdly ended up on top, which is weird as normally the App Store would show the app closest to the words you searched, not the app you most likely want.

Which makes it look like Apple may already be integrating Chomp into the App Store to recognize apps by downloads, user reviews and the app description, or it may be a coincidence that Best Parking ended up on top.

Let us know if you have noticed anything like this in the app store in the comments below, make sure to send us a screenshot if you have one too 🙂

Via [TechCrunch]

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