We are getting extremely close to the launch of the next iPhone 5, with all rumours pointing toward an October release date. According to AppleInsider, Apple is denying all of their employees vacation leave during the second week of October, indicating the release of a new product which will cause stores to receive more customers than what they do already.

The dates reported to be denied are from October the 9th through to the 12th and October the 14th through to the 15th, indicating that Apple may release some sort of product or service during these two weeks, currently, it is thought that Apple may be releasing iOS 5 around the 10th of October for all existing iOS devices, which would link to the first week being set out to help customers change to the new operating system.

Which would leave the next week for the release of the rumoured iPhone 5, this could actually be true as Apple did the same when they released iOS 4, which was available slightly before the release of the current iPhone 4, and even before that iOS, 3 was released to customers before the iPhone 3GS was.

This sort of makes the coming iPhone 5 release a fact, with no hard evidence just yet though we cannot be completely sure, what do you think? What kind of hardware will the iPhone 5 get? Are you going to get it, if it does release?

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