Since it’s release the iPhone 4S has been reported to contain a few issues when it comes to holding it’s battery life, for which Apple released a software update to try and remade with their recent iOS 5.0.1 update, which didn’t work but it is rumoured that Apple is about to release a 5.0.2 update for the 4S in order to try again at fixing the 4S’s battery issues, after which it is also rumoured they will release a second 5.1 update to enhance Siri capabilities amongst other things.

As well as this the Macerkopt source also mentioned that a 5.1 update is also coming which will make Siri even smarter, as well as bringing new commands to the assistant including taking pictures, recording video, and switching on/off your WiFi/ Bluetooth connection.These rumors are reported to come straight from an engineer at Apple working in the iOS division who apparently split it all to the German blog, According to the engineer, the first 5.0.2 update will be available in less than a week, after which the iPhone 4S should be able to achieve 40 hours on standby.

Personally, I’m not too sure if these rumors are true, and cannot be verified completely because of the unknown source, as well as this so far there has been no beta release, which means if it is true the next iOS 5.0.2 update may be released in a little longer than a week.

What do you think? Will Apple ever fix the battery problem? Are these rumors true?

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