It has long been rumoured that Apple’s upcoming smartwatch will be called the iWatch, but today it seems those rumours might be wrong, as it has today been revealed that Apple was granted a patent for a product called ‘iTime’, which we presume is the smartwatch we have heard about.

The released fillings show details for the U.S. patent No. 8,787,006, which is for a ‘wrist worn electronic device’ that can be connected to the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

The patent also notes that the product will incorporate a central electronic device that can be removed and secured to an advanced strap system, kinda like the 6th gen iPad Nano.

Apple iTime 2

As of yet it’s not clear if Apple will be using the name ‘iTime’ or ‘iWatch’, but this could simply be a name for a feature on the device, or just a name they used for purposes of not revealing the official name.

We do however expect that Apple’s smartwatch will be revealed at Apple’s next event, alongside the rumoured iPhone 6, new MacBook’s and possibly some new iPod’s or iPad’s.

Source Apple Insider

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