Apple granted water damage indicator patent.

Today Apple was granted yet another patent relating to the strp they use in iPhones to determine if a phone is water damaged, the color-changing strip will turn red when wet allowing Apple’s repair technicians to quickly determine if a device damaged is as a cause of water damage.

The patent was first applied for back in 2010, but Apple has been using the technology in their iPhones since 2007, Apple have said this about the patent:

“Water exposure is among major reasons that may cause significant malfunction of devices, such as electronic devices, which include electronic, mechanical, or chemical components. Therefore, verification of significant water exposure (or water immersion) is important to manufacturers of the devices. For example, for purposes such as warranty claim assessment, trouble-shooting for repairs, and product development, a manufacturer of electronic devices typically needs to verify whether a malfunctioning device has been immersed in water.”

Let us know what you think about this is the comments below.

Via: [CNET]

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