The Wall Street Journal has today reported that Apple has hired the former Chrysler SVP, Doug Betts.

Taking a role within its “Operations” according to the report and Betts’ LinkedIn account, it links to some rumours that Apple might be looking to launch its own Apple Car since February, but he could just be joining the team to enhance Apple’s CarPlay feature for iOS.

This also comes after Apple’s senior Vice President of Operations stated that “the car is the ultimate mobile device” at the Code conference in May, as well as previous rumours that have stated that the company has been hiring car experts, and even sued an electric car battery maker for stealing Apple employees.

The WSJ also notes that Apple also “recently recruited one of the leading autonomous-vehicle researchers in Europe.”

As of yet Apple hasn’t revealed any official details for the rumoured Apple Car, or confirmed the hiring of Betts, we will let you know if any of those two things change. According to recent reports Apple plans to launch an Apple car by 2020.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn

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