Apple has always been on for traditions, from which their media events have always been around the same date for a specific item, normally in June Apple will release a new iPhone and then in September they will host their music event, this year has been a little bit different as we saw iCloud, Lion and iOS 5 in June but there was no iPhone.

According to Kodawarisan a Japanese news source, on September the 7th Apple will host their next media event, what they will actually be showing off though is still unknown, but we do have some ideas, I believe that Apple will be introducing their new iPhone on this date alongside iCloud and iOS 5, that being said this may mean that the iPod releases may take a back seat.

One rumor I am not sure of is an iPad 3 release as I think there will be too much to show off at the event, but this doesn’t mean they won’t release one it just may mean they won’t talk about it and just release some minor hardware updates to the device. At the moment though we simply do not know, but we should know for sure by the end of the month or first few days of September.

What do you think? Will Apple host an event on September 7th? What will they release?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.


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