This week Apple said that they are “looking into” an incident involving someone’s iPhone 7 Plus setting on fire, with an investigation into the footage of an Arizona teen’s device emitting smoke that was posted on Twitter.

The story was first picked up by Mashable, who identified the teen as 18-year-old Brianna Olivas. An Apple spokesperson told the site the following about it:

“We are in touch with the customer and looking into it.”

Of course, Apple can never be too careful, especially since devices exploding have been a big feature in the news after the Galaxy Note 7 issues.

But at the moment there’s no reason why this wouldn’t be thought of as a one-off issue rather than an issue with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models around the world. A lot of the time these problems can be due to the use of unofficial chargers, however, Olivas said that she had only been using the official Apple charger with the phone to charge it.

Once the device failed to switch on, she took it to an Apple Store where the Apple Geniuses found no faults after a series of diagnostic tests.

Olivas also said that Apple has issued her with a replacement device due to the problems and that they are now conducting tests to find the reason for the issue.

They say that we should know more soon, in the meantime, you can read more about it at the source link below.

Source: Mashable

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