Apple has finally confirmed the date for the event where we expect that they will be announcing the new iPhone 6.

This was revealed in a number of invites that were set out earlier today, revealing the date as September 9th.

Under the date the invite simply reads: “We wish we could say more.” And aside from that we can only see the Apple logo with an iOS 7/8 like design.

This could be hinting at a number of things, the first is the reference to talking which could mean that Apple will be improving Siri, and even unveiling the new iWatch which we expect to be voice controlled (yes there is still hope for that one.) Alongside that it is also rumoured that the iPhone 6 will be able to work with the too to control a users smarthome via Apple’s recent HomeKit unveiling.

“More” could also suggest that they will be working on a larger phone for the new iPhone, as has been rumoured for the last few years.

And finally the Apple logo in an iOS 7/8 design could mean that the company will be focusing further on iOS 8, and maybe even Yoesmite with its own new design, two things that would make sense since they are expected to be launched both of the operating systems in September.

However this is all just speculation, for the official stuff we will just have to wait until September 9th, when we will be providing you with all the latest.

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