So it’s finally getting close September 9th, which means it is time to see what exactly Apple has been working on over the last year, and what they have in store for us now.

Now normally we would just simply post content and nothing else, despite the fact that we used to liveblog these events constantly, we found that it can sometimes be quite time-consuming to do.

However we know that some of you like to see liveblogs from the event, so we decided that we would team up with CNET and use their syndicated liveblog.

Check it out below, also make sure to keep you eyes on the homepage for the day as we will be providing more details on each announcement there.

(Despite using a syndicated feed from CNET, we will also be live-blogging ourselves, so you will get the best of both worlds.)

If this embed doesn’t work, you can also view the liveblog here.

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