The iPod Nano has had a little revamp from Apple today, with the addition of bigger icons, and an easier to navigate multi-touch display, making this the defiant device to buy if you looking for a cheap device that you can hook onto your pocket, as well as this they have improved the Nike ID software in the Nano to make it better for fitness training:

“We’ve improved the fitness experience as well. Right out of the box, you can go on a walk or a run as well without adding sensors or devices.”

As well as this Apple have changed the look and fell off the device, creating 16 new clock faces making your nano unique:

“There’s a really cool use people have created all their own — accessories like watch bands. We thought that was really fun, so with the updated nano we’ve added 16 new clock faces to make it fun for people who like to wear it as a watch. Why not, right?”


The all new iPod Nano will be available in 5 different colours, pick your 8GB for $129, and 16GB for $149 Available today

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